Star Wars V Update: original script & back to original theory

UPDATE OK, I just read an unofficial “script leak” (hopefully it’s the real thing) by Leigh Brackett, and suffice to say, it doesn’t have any conspiracy elements. (I spent around an hour last night reading it.) check it out here Leigh Brackett Script. It’s kind of cheesy(Han/Leia/Luke mush) but it does set a framework for the plot. There is no Luke/Vader dad thing at all, Han isn’t as creepy, Han doesn’t get frozen, Luke doesn’t get his hand chopped off, and Yoda is not as Yoga-like. So, I think I’m back to thinking Irvin Kershner, the director, was the brain-power for whole the conspiracy thing.

However, looking at synopses of Kershner’s movies don’t seem to be too helpful–they’re mostly comedic and dissipated.

According to a web bio, Kershner fought in WWII as a fighter pilot B24 bomber. Also it says Kershner “was distinguished by his ability to show realistic and intimate human drama in his stories, and for finding unusual aspects on nearly every genre”. So maybe there is more to his story.

I’ve also looked at Larry Kasdan who was another script-writer. However so far no gold, as he was also the script-writer for Ep. 6, I don’t know if he was responsible for the Jabba the Hutt sequence (although apparently that was based on a novel by a different scifi author.) but so far I’m not excruciatingly impressed.

Of course you’ll realize I’m excluding Lucas from the whole Leia conspiracy, because I assume if it was his idea he would’ve flown with it, or at least would’ve talked about it.

Needless to say, I’m on the chase. Brackett or Kershner or Kasdan? If the script-leak is true, then Brackett is responsible for most of the material (as well as the love triangle) but not the cryptic Leia and jerky Han. So then that still leaves our WWII pilot on the radar.

P.S. as for the subtlety of my sex, I confess my disappointment with the Leigh Brackett theory, but I hold to my theory that Princess Leia’s nuance is something women will be far more able to pick up than men. The difference between “I-like-you-but-I’m-hard-to-get” and “leave-me-alone-creep-or-I’m-going-to-carbon-freeze-you” is something that men sometimes might have a harder time understanding. Especially when it’s “leave-me-alone-creep-I’m-actually-trying-to-use-you-as-a-bartering-chip-with-Darth-so-I-kinda-feel- bad” Talk about complicated emotions! But supposedly that’s what Kershner did best.

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